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Since 1978, the De Clercq Family has been involved with Knoll, a billion dollar manufacturer.

In 1938, one year after immigrating from Germany, Hans Knoll, the son of a pioneer German furniture manufacturer, founded the Knoll company in New York City. He hired Florence Schust, a Cranbrook graduate who had worked for Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, and the two were married in 1946. Along with their many collaborators they instituted a new era of integrated design based on modernist principles.

Their vision is carried forward by the world’s most talented contemporary designers, bringing order and beauty to life and the workplace. Today, driven by Workplace Research, Knoll is an affordable constellation of design driven brands and people working together with clients to create modern, agile interiors.

Knoll is well respected for their extensive workplace research and insights about work trends from Design / Planning to Change Management to Ergonomics and Well Being. Click on the infographic below for a link to Knoll’s research papers.



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